DISGUSTING: Hillary’s Tax Returns Revealed Where Her “Charity Money” Really Goes

by Donald 827


On Friday, Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax return that showed how much she made and how much of her money went to charity. 9% of her total income went to charity, or $1,004,00 million dollars. This might sound nice, only one problem.

Mediaite pointed out that 96% of Hillary’s charity money goes to the Clinton Foundation. She was able to give herself a tax break for donating 9% of the her money to herself. She of course continues to want to raise taxes on everyone, while at the same time cheating when it comes to her own taxes.

Many people believe that the Clinton Foundation is just a money laundering scheme, and the FBI may be investigating it. Hillary Clinton is completely corrupt, and this proves it. Do you think she cares about charities?