“Diva-Like” Megyn Kelly Just Made The Dumbest Excuse For Her Failing Ratings At NBC

by Chris Reynolds 0

megyn excuse

It would be a huge understatement that Megyn Kelly’s new career at NBC has not gone as well as she had hoped it would. Megyn earned scathing reviews for her interviews with Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones, and her ratings have been very poor.

Beyond this, Megyn’s colleagues at NBC have come out and described her behavior behind the scenes as being “diva-like.” Instead of taking stock of herself honestly and trying to make needed changes to save her career, Megyn instead offered lame excuses for her underperformance.

Said Megyn about her dismal ratings numbers, “I thought the ratings were fine.” She then tried to spin them, saying, “You know, we didn’t expect to beat 60 Minutes, but our average for the summer was actually quite solid, especially when you compare it to what had happened when they launched a little news magazine the summer before as an experiment.”

She then optimistically compared launching her fledgling television show to raising her children (which, at last count, take 18 years to reach maturity). She said, naively thinking she will have no shortage of time to try and make her show a success, “I have three children, and they didn’t come out of the womb running. They had to learn to crawl, and then they walked and then they ran. And that’s the same for television shows. I didn’t expect anything other than that. Thankfully, my bosses don’t, either.”

She then tried to pivot away from her longtime role covering politics, claiming while plugging her book that her show is “going to sort of scratch those other itches that every normal human being has when it comes to health and parenting and relationships and their own striving to Settle for More. If I never have to say ‘Mitch McConnell’ on the show, it could be OK, it could work.” Do you think Megyn Kelly will last long at NBC?