Document Surfaces Proving Nation’s Biggest Fears About Obama’s Muslim Ties

by Richard Smith 0


Democrats still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election. The liberals have even gone as far as to request recounts, and suggest that Trump’s win is somehow invalid.

These liberals seems to have a very short memory, since their own party’s standard-bearer President Barack Hussein Obama has been ruling our country under a thick cloud of suspicion about his national origins and allegiances, and whether or not he even had the legal right to serve as our President.

During Obama’s Presidency, he managed to keep most of his personal documents confidential and sealed. The contents of these documents, if opened, would shed a great deal of light on Obama’s identity and could nullify his rights to lead our country.

He kept his academic transcripts from both Occidental College and Columbia University are kept hidden. However, his academic records from Occidental, the college that he transferred from, were finally unearthed by “Americans for Freedom of Information.”

According to the records, Barack registered at the college under the named “Barry Soetero” and listed himself as a student from the Muslim country of Indonesia. The topper was that Obama received a scholarship, one that was only given to foreign students.

So who is the real illegitimate President…Trump or Obama? The document’s sure do not lie.