Don Jr. Calls Out “Disgusting” Way Liberals Reacted After His Wife Was Hospitalized

by Donald 0

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Don Jr. received a mysterious package with a mysterious white powder in it. His wife, Vanessa Trump opened the package and said she felt nauseous. She was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she was Fine.

“The Secret Service and our law enforcement partners in New York City are investigating a suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York, New York. This is an active investigation and we cannot comment any further,” wrote the secret service in a statement.

Unfortunately, liberals showed just how vile and cruel they can be with their tweets in response to the story. “I know people are saying it could be anthrax, but my preferred theory is that Don Jr. asked one of his buddies to mail him cocaine,” wrote one user. “Have you seen the Trump women?! That white powder is cocaine,” wrote another.

Don Jr. wrote a message about the incident on twitter. “Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior,” tweeted Don Jr.

“Thinking of @MrsVanessaTrump & wishing I was by her side today. No one deserves to be frightened this way. There is no excuse,” tweeted Ivanka Trump.