Don Lemon Has Meltdown, Just Started Screaming Swears On Live TV Over Kaepernick

by Chris Reynolds 0

lemon swears

CNN host Don Lemon is one of the most unstable people on television. This was proved on live television last New Year’s Eve when he proceeded to get drunk during the broadcast and confess the problems that he has in his love life.

Liberal-biased Lemon could not control his emotions once again when he had a conversation with conservative Ben Ferguson about Colin Kaepernick and the football protests and ended up swearing at him on air.

Talking about President Trump’s urging all NFL players to stand during the National Anthem, Lemon opined to Ferguson that Trump was “forcing patriotism” on these athletes. Ferguson replied that “every president has an obligation to protect and defend the honor, the integrity of the flag, the national anthem.”

Don went even further and questioned why sports leagues even play the National Anthem before games. Ben replied that it is “to honor the United States of America,” and Lemon shot back  and claimed that what Ferguson said was “a bull crap answer.” Ben finally said to Don, “Come on, you’re smarter than this.”

This obviously triggered something in hyper-sensitive Don, and he started shouting at the conservative, “Don’t tell me I’m smarter than this. Yes, I’m smarter than the bullshit answer that you’re giving!” Replied Ben calmly, “It’s not BS.” Lemon wasn’t done swearing on air, adding, “It is bullshit! It’s total BS.” Hit back Ferguson, “This is exactly the reason why so many Americans disagree with you because of the arrogance and lack of respect.” Do you think Don Lemon needs help? Watch below: