“Don’t Even Go There”, Judge Pirro Destroys O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer For What He Said

by Chris Reynolds 0

pirro oj

It has been more than twenty years since Heisman Trophy-winning runningback O.J. Simpson allegedly murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her waiter friend Ron Goldman. Amazingly, there are some out there who still believe that O.J. is innocent, or are at least actively trying to politicize the deaths or milk them for personal gain.

One such person is O.J.’s lawyer Malcolm LaVergne, who recently appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox News and made some stomach-turning comments about Simpson’s alleged murder victim Goldman. Thankfully, Pirro hit back hard.

LaVergne gloated that O.J. is “on cloud nine” since being granted parole. Malcolm defended the fact that Simpson has been put in special protective custody by ridiculously trying to turn things around and claiming that Ron Goldman’s father Fred Goldman is not right in the head and may try to physically harm O.J.

Said O.J.’s lawyer, “There is a legitimate concern about threats against him. I mean, I have to be frank. Fred Goldman is my primary concern and that was actually something that was mentioned at the time this decision was made. I think Fred Goldman himself, after the hearing, said he wished one of the prisoners would knock O.J. in the head.”

Further trying to smear Fred, whose sun was murdered, LaVergne continued, “I mean, Mr. Goldman is closing in on 80. And he may have, you know, obviously, he’s himself, you know, worked up.  And so, you know, who knows in his twilight.” At this point, Pirro had heard enough and cut Malcolm off, saying, “You know what? Don’t even go there. I’m taking Fred Goldman’s part on that.” Are you glad Jeanine shut O.J.’s lawyer up? Watch below: