Emails Between Harvey Weinstein And Hillary Clinton Have Been Leaked, They Are Very Disturbing

by Donald 0


Wikileaks showed some disturbing emails between Hillary Clinton and Democratic donor/sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. The email chain started with Weinstein messaging Hillary’s aide Capricia Marshall offering Hillary some insider Hollywood movie deals.

“Dear Capricia, As time moves on, I realize I haven’t seen you and Mrs. Clinton (Hillary) in a long time, but I think of you both often. I don’t know if movie producers are still worthy in your world, but next time you’re in NYC I’d love to see you,” wrote Weinstein.

Weinstein then offered to send Hillary an advanced copy of the movie ‘Kings Speech’ which wouldn’t come to theaters for a few more months as well as a few other movies. Then he concluded his email with this: “Your bad friend, Harvey. PS — Please share this with Madame Secretary.”

“That is so sweet so pls let him know I not only want the movies, including The Tillman Story) but I’ve heard about some of his other projects from Jamie Patricof (Company Men, Blue Valentine) that also sound great. And pls wish him and Georgina every good wish w the new baby and that we all hope to see them soon,” wrote Hillary.

Apparently being a Democrat comes with advantages, like seeing movies before they are released. What else are they hiding?