“Enough!” Switzerland Just Made Epic Move Against Illegal Muslims, Did They Go Too Far?

by Chris Reynolds 0

Swiss Muslim 600x400

The phony myth of multiculturalism and globalism has blown up in European liberals’ faces, as these “well-meaning” people have seen what it’s like when their countries get overtaken by untold masses of people from a culture that does not mesh with the local culture.

Germany’s Angela Merkel has foolishly invited hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to resettle in her country, in a bid to atone for some of her country’s crimes in the past. However, this high-mindedness has helped nobody, as violent clashes have broken out across the continent between refugees in natives. Switzerland finally made a bold move to stop this conflict.

Switzerland has changed its policy regarding naturalizing foreigners to become Swiss citizens, and now says that anyone who wishes to become a permanent resident of the European country must pledge to fully embrace Switzerland’s language, culture and traditions.

This was put into practice recently when two Muslim girls, age 12 to 14, were denied citizenship. These girls, who live in the city of Basel, refused to swim in the same pool as boys, following Muslim religious laws. Switzerland says that its citizens must comply with their laws, not Muslim laws.

Said Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee, “Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized.” Said the naturalization committee about another foreigner whose application was denied,  “The applicant’s answers have shown that his motive for naturalization is not about integration but about the personal advantages it offers.” Do you think Switzerland went too far? or do you think they’re making the right move?