Eric Bolling Blasts Obama In In The Perfect Way For Saying That Russia Elected Trump

by Donald 0


Ever since Trump won the election the Democrats have been going nuts. Before the election they made fun of Trump for suggesting their might be a rigged system, but now that they didn’t get their way they are full of conspiracy theories. The latest conspiracy theory is that Russia interfered with our election and the CIA concluded the same.

However there are many problems with this. We have known about wikileaks and the DNC hack for a while, it seems they are only calling attention to it now because their candidate lost. And despite the fact that the CIA thinks Russian’s interfered, they have no proof and many are accusing the CIA of partisan politics.

Eric Bolling pushed back against this by using facts. He shows polls that demonstrate that barely anyone in America actually thinks the Russian’s were involved, despite what the mainstream media is telling you. He then went through the various excuses Democrats have had since the outcome of the election.

“Here’s a Bolling opinion news alert. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump — America did. “C’mon anti-Trumpers, it’s over. You lost. Quit whining,” said Bolling.

“I’ll say it again: No one told Hillary Clinton to coin the term ‘deplorables’ and Donald Trump had nothing to do with Obamacare premiums skyrocketing the election week. Those two events took down the worst candidate to ever run for president,” he said. Check out the video below.