ESPN Host Accuses NFL Of Having A “Plantation Mindset” For Wanting Respect For Our Flag

by Donald 0


ESPN host Michael Milbon went after Jerry Jones for telling his players that they have to stand for the National Anthem. He went on to compare being told to respect your country to being a slave.

“They wanted the heat off their behinds, and so they did what they did in many cases. Not all of them, but some of them and Jerry Jones seemed to be the ringleader. And now he’s saying he’s gonna suspend any player who doesn’t stand, well suppose they all don’t stand – what’s he gonna do? Suspend the whole team? Is he gonna forfeit the game?” asked Milbon.

“I used the phrase ‘plantation mentality.’ Let me repeat it. Because that’s what it comes off as. I don’t care if Jerry Jones comes back and criticizes me, or Fox News, or anybody else,” said Milbon.

“There needs to be open discussion, and sometimes it’s harsh,” he said.

Let us discuss it. Slaves were forced to do cruel amounts of labor for free, or face being whipped or even killed. NFL football players earn millions and millions of dollars for playing a game. They can go home or retire and live a life of luxury. Instead of being told they must work or die. They are being told to simply be respectful. Check out the ridiculous video for yourself below.