ESPN Reporter Said Players Standing For U.S. National Anthem Is Just Like ‘Slavery’

by Chris Reynolds 0

wilbon slavery

Democrats have been trying to convince us that the conspiracy theory about President Trump’s campaign somehow colluding with Russia to fix the election is real. It’s telling, then, that liberal football players are the ones who are refusing to stand for America’s National Anthem.

Supposed sports network ESPN finally took action and suspended bigoted writer Jemele Hill after she called President Trump a “white supremacist” and other slurs, but only after getting intense pressure and getting threatened with boycotts.

However, it looks like ESPN executives need to watch the rest of its left-leaning staff a lot closer, because otther reporters have been saying outlandish things about the protests. A recent epsiode of the ESPN show Pardon the Interruption provided a perfect example.

On the program, co-host Mike Wilbon was talking about how Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that his players needed to stand for the Anthem or else they would get benched. Wilbon went so far as to call Jones, who gives his players millions of dollars every year, a slave owner.

Commented Wilbon, “The word that comes to my mind, I don’t care who doesn’t like me using it, is ‘plantation.’” The players are here to serve me and they will do what I want no matter how much I pay them. They are not equal to me. That’s what this says to me and mine.” Do you think this ESPN host needs a basic history lesson? Watch below: