Extreme Lib Encourages Violence Against Trump, Jesse Watters Just Shut Him Up

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Fox News host Jesse Watters is fully aware of what volatile times we live in, and the enormity of the attack that Republican President Donald Trump and his agenda to Make America Great Again are under by those who would prefer to keep the status quo.

It was shown during the 2016 presidential campaign that some liberal protesters were bankrolled by globalist billionaire George Soros, who clearly perceived Trump’s presidential ambitions as a threat. The actions of extreme liberals has unfortunately escalated in the time since Trump assumed office. Watters recently directly confronted one of these “Antifa” radicals who has been urging violence against the President.

A young Antifa member from Massachusetts who goes simply by “Kevin” recently got in trouble for the letter he published on the internet, which stated, “It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics because, quite frankly, you have no one else willing to fight for you.” Kevin told a Fox News producer that, if violence is needed to achieve his group’s aims, then “so be it.”

He backed down, however, when talking to Watters, saying, “We only want violence in self-defense from aggression by these racists and xenophobes that come and attack us at our peaceful protests.” Asked Jesse, “Klan members have been attacking you guys?” Kevin answered, “Right-wing Trump supporters. Trump supporters fall under that category.”

Watters outed Kevin and his associates as simple hooligans, showing footage of Antifa members being violent. Jesse said, “We’re looking at video right now…and we don’t see a lot hand-to-hand combat, we just see a lot of your crew smashing windows and lighting things on fire. How is that self-defense?” He later asked, “Was it in self-defense when you firebombed a limousine during the inauguration?” Responded Kevin, “Yes.” Watters slammed Kevin by saying that the owner of that limousine was actually a Muslim immigrant. Lied a cornered Kevin, “Well, you know, a lot of violence committed by so-called Antifa members is actually committed by these right-wingers, who basically seek to make us look bad.” Are you glad Watters stuck it to this fraud? Watch below: