Famous Singer Shows Off Her Love Of Guns, Crushes All Liberals Who Have A Problem With It

by Donald 0

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Singer Kaya Jones who got famous from being a member of the Pussycat Dolls, announced her love of guns and the NRA on Twitter. Liberals attacked her viciously for stating her opinions but she crushed them all.

“I love guns! I find comfort knowing I can stand up for myself if anyone ever tries to inflict harm on me. I respect guns beyond words. I learned long ago in Iraq while on tour for our military how to use them & never stopped learning. I am a proud gun owner. #IAmTheNRA @NRA” tweeted Jones with a photo of her with a gun.

Then came the liberal trolls. “I love my kids. I love them beyond words. Their lives, their future, their safety matter more than your personal insecurities and creepy fetish. #NeverAgain #GunReformNow” wrote one user.

“My rights are exactly that mine. You have yours as well. It’s called freedom,” responded Jones. “The right of my children to live supersedes your weird need to stockpile weapons of war as a salve for personal fear. Sorry,” responded another user. “You should move to Canada if you really feel that way,” responded Jones. Damn!

Are you glad that there are some celebrities willing to stand up for Conservative values? Check out the tweets below.