Feminists Launch Attack Against Amy Schumer For Being ‘Too Hot’ During Movie Trailer

by Donald 0


Comedian Amy Schumer is staring in a new movie called “I Feel Pretty.” In the movie, Schumer considers herself to be unattractive and strives for unrealistic standards, but after a head injury she believes she is beautiful. However, after seeing the commercial, feminists are furious that Schumer was chosen for the role because she is already too attractive…

“So the new Amy Schumer movie is about a woman who is half an inch from being conventionally Hollywood attractive (but rest-of-the-world attractive) who thinks she’s rest-of-the-world-attractive?” wrote one angry woman on twitter.

“Before we can enjoy the premise, surely we have to buy into the fact that she is not pretty. How many of us are bigger than her?” she asked another. “Is the new @amyschumer movie #IFeelPretty seriously implying that the only way a women above a size 2 can feel confident and love herself is if she has a head injury? Seriously?!” wrote another.

“Just read the plot for #IFeelPretty and I just vomited in my mouth. 1. It takes a head injury for someone to think their beautiful? And have confidence? Seriously?? 2. Playing ‘pretty’/ ‘ugly’ girl card is revolting- AND destructive. Putting girls against girls. F**k that s**t,” wrote another.

Can you imagine being as miserable as one of these ‘feminists?’ Check out the trailer below.