“F**king Piece Of Sh*t!” Democratic Strategist Goes Full Force Against Hillary Clinton

by Donald 0


In an interview with the Rolling Stone an unnamed “long time time Democratic strategist” went on a huge rant about what a failure Hillary Clinton and her campaign really were. He went on to insult Hillary for all of the excuses that she made for her failures.

“At a really fundamental level we gotta get people to acknowledge what a fucking piece of shit her campaign was, because Donald Trump should not have won this election. Yes, Comey happened. And yes, the Russians happened. But she had more money than God, and they spent all of it trashing him [Trump] and not actually rebutting his ideological agenda,” said the source.

“The country’s waking up shocked to what he’s doing because Hillary didn’t actually explain to anybody what he was going to do when he became president. We focused on him groping people — and not on him saying he was going to end our alliance with Europe or he was going to strip health care. It was an amazing failure of our politics to make our case,” said the source.

Hillary Clinton has made excuse after excuse of her failures. Fox News was even able to list 25 things that she has blamed for her loss besides herself.

Do you think Hillary needs to give it up and stay out of the 2020 election? Check out the Rolling Stone interview here.