Former Obama Official Turns On CNN, Blames Them For The Escalation Of North Korea

by Donald 0

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Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby lashed out against CNN for helping raise the tensions between North Korea and the United States. The network most likely invited him on to insult the President and blame him. They must have been furious with what he said instead.

He bashed the media for their obsession with President Trump’s “locked and loaded” tweet. While Trump meant this as a warning for North Korea to stop threatening us, the media spun it into an act of war against North Korea. That can’t be good for us.

“We should be looking for ways to deescalate the tension, take a little bit of the air out of the tires. Pursue diplomatic solutions the way Secretary Mattis has been advocating,” said Kirby.

“This all started this week with a leaked assessment to the Washington Post about the fact that they had achieved miniaturization and the president responding to that leak in that news article. We went from zero to 100 miles an hour in the course of about 48 hours based on the news article and the leak.

“We’ve just amped up the tensions in an unnecessary way. We do not have to be where we are right now,” said Kirby. Do you think he’s right? The media is willing to do anything they can to escalate the drama because that is good for ratings. If only CNN actually cared about American lives. Check out the video below.