Former Romney Spox Calls Out CNN’s Chris Cillizza For Hiding Huge Detail Of North Korea From The Public

by Donald 0

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Mitt Romney’s former Spokesman Richard Grenell crushed CNN’s Chris Cillizza for hiding a huge detail about North Korea from the public. He went on to call him “disingenuous and shameful.”

“Political types are going to keep trying to message ‘locked and loaded’ but they’re missing the rest of the sentence. And I think it’s really disingenuous and shameful not to not continue the rest of the sentence. I want you to stop saying ‘locked and loaded’ without finishing the rest of it because you’re being very political with a serious policy,” said Grenell.

“I do think you have to look at the fact that not every person is going to read every word of that,” said Cillizza. Wow! So he is purposefully choosing to not tell people the full context.

“What I hear you saying is that people only read half a tweet, and I find that to be crazy. I find that to be politics and political people in Washington, D.C. try to do when they’re partisan. This is a serious policy. We need serious policy people stepping up,” Grenell said.

He also pointed out another fact. That Obama once said that we could destroy North Korea. While they are acting like President Trump’s words are unprecedented and like the end is near, they are not informing viewers that Obama has gone much further and we’ve been fine. “I’ve been watching your show all morning, I haven’t heard you talk about President Obama saying we could destroy North Korea,” Grenell said. Check out the video below.