Fox News Reporter DESTROYS The Women Of ‘The View’, This Is EPIC

by Richard Smith 0


Fake news is a problem that is plaguing the mainstream liberal media outlets. Libtard shows such as ‘The View’ are a huge part of the problem. The vulgar commentary given by extreme liberal hosts Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg and are the very definition of biased political non-sense.

Luckily for us, Fox News reporter Sean Hannity has had enough of the bigoted ideas that the producers of ‘The View’ have been feeding to the uninformed American public, and he recently put his foot down and took down Whoopi and her colleagues in a brutal way.

Hannity stated, “The collective freakout from the crybaby left is now reaching mind-numbing levels.” He then talked about how some liberal women are now chopping off their hair “because they want to feel empowered in order to oppose president-elect Trump.”

Hannity eviscerated Whoopi for saying that women now need to “watch their uteruses” with Trump in the White House. Hannity stated, “Ladies, your uteruses will be fine.” Hannity then turned his attention to radical Michael Moore, saying, “Michael, calm down. The suffering happened under Obama. Thirteen million more Americans that are on food stamps, eight million more in poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, that’s Obama’s policies.”

Hannity ended his bashing with, “All of this is so beyond ridiculous, but, to my friends in the audience, let me translate what all this means. It’s pretty simple. They lost, they can’t handle it, and you won. And hopefully, America wins.”

Do you support Hannity in his statements?