George Takei Blames The Russians For Him Attempting To Rape A Man

by Donald 0


Anti-Trump advocate and former Star Trek Actor George Takei was accused of drugging a male model and attempted rape. At first Takei just denied the allegations. Then a Howard Stern video was released of him admitting he grabs shy men by the crotches, that was recorded right before the allegations came out.

Now he is trying to claim that this is really all Russia’s fault. “A friend sent me this. It is a chart of what Russian bots have been doing to amplify stories containing the allegations against me,” wrote Takei. He posted photo of trending topics on twitter with his name on the top.

“It’s clear they want to cow me into silence, but do not fear, friends. I won’t succumb to that. By way of background, when I criticized Putin’s anti-LGBT policies publicly, Russian bots attacked my [Facebook] page relentlessly, and we had to develop special security measures and ban all traffic from within the Russian Federation and the Ukraine. I am accustomed to their practices,” he wrote.

Does any of this change the Howard Stern interview? Does any of this change the allegations against him? Not at all. But he continues to deny. He apparently realized how stupid those tweets made him look, and he deleted them.

“Right now it is a he said / he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago. But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful,” he tweeted.