Geraldo Crushes MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow For Saying That Trump Struck Syria As A Distraction

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Geraldo Rivera admitted that his initial reaction to President Trump’s Syria missile strike was wrong. “First of all I think it is a huge win for President Trump. I had my doubts because I feared that the retaliatory strike was in cold blood, too much time had passed,” said Rivera.

“I was wrong. This was a dramatic and proportional strike. It was awesome… I’m delighted that the British and the French joined in, this awesome air armada which accomplished exactly what the Pentagon wanted it to,” said Rivera.

“But in terms of this military strike, I think it hit exactly what they wanted it to. The Syrian air defense capability was shown to be woeful in the face of our modern weapons, and it really does appear that there was no ‘wag the dog’ vibe from this,” Rivera added. He went on to hit back against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who suggested that Trump struck Syria to distract from domestic issues.

“Nobody suspects that President Trump did this to distract from his domestic woes. This was, in every regard––I wouldn’t necessarily say Mission Accomplished, but I will say that Assad crossed the red line,” said Rivera.

“Trump said, ‘Don’t cross the red line. If you do, you’re gonna be punished.’ And he was punished. He was hurt. I applaud the president and the men and women in our armed forces,” said Rivera.

Source: Geraldo admits he was wrong, Syria strikes a ‘huge win’ for Trump by BPR