‘Get A Second Opinion!’ Whoopi Says White House Doctor Was ‘Forced’ To Lie About Trump, She Got Destroyed

by Chris Reynolds 0

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During his campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump had his own personal physician write up an evaluation about his good health. Some people questioned the validity of this write-up, given that this doctor was a longtime personal acquaintance of the future U.S. President.

However, nobody can rightfully question the credibility of official White House physician Dr. Ronnie Jackson. After all, politically neutral Jackson also administered physicals to both Republican President George W. Bush and Democratic President Barack Obama.

Nonetheless, washed-up actress Whoopi Goldberg just decided that, since Trump’s physical and mental check-up came out of highly positive, the doctor must have somehow been “forced” by President Trump to lie about his health. astutely predicting Whoopi’s nonsense, co-host Meghan McCain commented, “This conversation in general is what makes conservatives crazy. Him passing his physical exam and passing his cognitive exam by a doctor who also treated President Bush and President Obama is not a reason to have a meltdown.”

However, Goldberg proceeded to do just that, claiming, “The bottom line is this report was never going to be anything but what it is. You know, these — presidents are never — were never meant to seem to be ill in any way.” LIberal co-host Joy Behar agreed with her, of course, saying, “A lot of lies.” Whoopi then added, “Yeah a lot of them are lies but it was never going to change.”

McCain silenced them, saying, “My question is, do you want to get a new presidential physician now? Because apparently he’s not good enough for a lot of people even though he did Obama and W.” Whoopi ignored this logic and shouted, “Maybe get a second opinion!” Do you think Whoopi is experiencing cognitive failure? Watch below: