Greg Gutfeld Eviscerates CNN For Their Response After Bill De Blasio Demands Fox News Be Removed

by Donald 0

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Every time President Trump insults CNN or calls them ‘Fake News’ they act like it is the end of the First Amendment as we know it. However, these same networks did nothing to defend Fox News when Obama bullied them. Now this is happening once again. NYC mayor Bill De Blasio called for Fox News to be removed, and CNN said nothing. Now, it is happening again. Fox’s Greg Gutfeld hit back.

“He told The Guardian “If you could remove News Corp from the last 25 years of American history…we would be a more unified country…We would not be suffering a lot of the negativity and divisiveness we’re going through right now.” We went to the mainstream media for comment on this blatant attack on the press,” said Gutfeld.

“Stelter’s head on a cricket. Only on The Five, ladies and gentlemen. Bill de Blasio, when was the last time you gave this towering piece of politics a thought? So he thinks America would be better off without us? What he’s really saying is he would be better off without us,” he said.

“Anyway, over at CNN, Brian Stelter denies the mayor’s words are an attack on the press, claiming it’s not about the media at all but a media empire. Right. I guess if Trump didn’t say it, it’s not a story. And if it’s about Fox, who cares? We get it. Run along, Brian. Anderson’s lunch is getting cold. Okay, Dana, de Blasio is the mayor, he’s not the President. But I mean…” said Gutfeld.

“But he wants to be the President,” responded Dana Perino, finishing the thought.