Greta Van Susteren Crushes Haters After Announcing That She Was Returning To TV

by Donald 0


Greta Van Susteren recently announced that she was considering an offer that would put her back on TV. She had millions of fans on Fox, and now some are very upset that she could end up on a more liberal network. She silenced haters and told them that she will be the same person no matter where she is and that her views only represent herself and not the network she is on.

“Can we get something straight? When people work for a large company – including a network – they are not responsible for everyone else who works there. They ARE responsible for themselves,” wrote Susteren in a facebook post.

“Why do I post this? Because I have seen so many comments critical of me for working at Fox, and now the chatter that I may be going to another network, CNN or MS/NBC. Yes, it is indeed true that I am considering going back to TV but that is not the point of this posting but rather to emphasize that if I do go back, like always, I will be responsible for myself and my hour,” she explained.

“This is the way it has always been…and if I sign a contract and you liked my show before, you will like it now (I am the same person.). And if you didn’t like my show before? Well…you won’t like what I do now,” she said.

“But in the end? We should all look at issues, not just take sides,” she wrote. How do you feel about this move? Check out her full post here.