Greta Van Susteren Makes One Huge Promise For Her New Show, MSNBC Won’t Like It

by Donald 0


Many of Greta Van Susteren’s fans were disappointed when she announced that she would be starting a new show on MSNBC. MSNBC is notoriously liberal biased, something her huge following at Fox won’t stand for. But Susteren made a promise to her fans that might not make MSNBC happy.

In an interview with Joe Scarborough, Susteren promised that her new show is going to be “fair and balanced”. She promised to base it on facts, meaning at times, the biased network might not be happy with her. She was asked what her show would be about.

Susteren revealed that in her first episode would be sitting down and interviewing Valerie Jarrett and Reince Priebus. “And, to steal a phrase you may have heard before, I consider it fair and balanced,” she told them. Fox News has always prided themselves off of being fair and balanced, so this shows that she doesn’t intend to change much for her new show.

“It’s going to be about facts. I’m gonna go out and ask questions, and how the chips fall they may fall. But, I’m hoping to also do some unfinished business — stories that I’ve started that I’ve never been able to finish.”

“I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here,” said Susteren. She also claimed that she would give both parties a ‘fair shake’. Do you think she will stay true to her word? Check out the clip below. Her first episode aired on Monday at 6, on MSNBC.