Hannity Gets The Perfect Revenge Against Media Matters For Trying To Pull His Funding

by Donald 0

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The liberal group ‘Media Matters’ target businesses and pressure them into dropping the Conservative journalists that they sponsor. They recently pressured the brand Keurig into dropping Sean Hannity. “Angelo, thank you for your concern and for bringing this to our attention. We worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show,” tweeted Keurig.

However, Conservatives decided to fight back. Many fans of Hannity have been recording themselves smashing their Keurig products as a sign of protest.

“@Keurig made a decision to pull ads from the @seanhannity show. This decision is disgusting, and will not be tolerated.Regardless of any response, I am done with you, Keurig. You will regret this decision. #BreakYourKeurig #IStandWithHannity” tweeted one user.

“I once drank coffee from a Keurig machine and it tasted like communism. #BoycottKeurig” tweeted radio host Stefan Molyneux. “Hang tough, @SeanHannity. We’ve spent over eight years educating the American people on the vast and well-funded #progressive smear machine. Those who capitulate to their lies will be held accountable, and that’s a promise.#StandWithHannity #BoycottKeurig #TeaParty” tweeted tea party founder Michael Johns.

Then Sean Hannity tweeted. “I am humbled and speechless and frankly laughing my ass off. I love all my deplorable friends. Thank you and Game on!!” he tweeted. “Deplorable friends, I am buying 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away!! Details on radio and TV. Hint; best videos!!” he tweeted later.