Hillary Press Secretary Brian Fallon Lays Out Plan To Use #MeToo To Take Down Brett Kavanaugh

by Donald 0

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Former Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary and head of the group ‘Demand Justice’, Brian Fallon, spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and explained how he plans to use the #MeToo movement against Brett Kavanaugh. Although Kavanaugh has never actually been accused of sexually harassing anybody, Fallon believes he can connect Kavanaugh to someone who has.

“One other thing that I think is going to be relevant, one of Brett Kavanaugh’s mentors in life and in his career as a judge is a guy by the name of Alex Kozinski who is a judge on the Ninth Circuit who had to resign in disgrace last year because of the #MeToo Movement,” explained Fallon.

“He was accused publicly on the record by a number of female clerks for having behaved inappropriately in chambers, and he had to resign in disgrace. Brett Kavanaugh is somebody that is friends and was a mentor and personally clerked for Alex Kozinski. I think there’s going to be a lot of senators in this hearing that want to know what he knew and when he knew it about Alex Kozinski’s behavior,” said Fallon.

Even Chris Cuomo knew this was going too far. “What he knew if it were happening when he was there, fair line of questioning. Him being responsible for somebody else’s actions, not fair,” said Cuomo.

That didn’t stop Fallon. “The likelihood that Brett Kavanaugh knew what was an open secret in the Ninth Circuit about Alex Kozinski’s misbehavior is very high. I think he’s going to have to answer questions about that,” said Fallon.