Hollywood Elite Sarah Silverman Says She Knows More About What Trump Supporters Need Than They Do

by Donald 0


Hollywood comedian Sarah Silverman released an extended trailer for her new Hulu show “I Love You, America.” While she claims to love America, she spends most of the clip berating the police, and Trump supporters.

“You know, sometimes I get really, really mad at you and the stupid sh*t that you do,” says Sarah Silverman to ‘America.’ “How you vote for these rich f**ks that lie to your faces and then systematically rape you of your rights and your job and your health care, and then you call me ‘Hollywood elite.’ Dude, I’m from f**king New Hampshire,” she said. Oh, she’s from New Hampshire, that changes everything.

“And you’re mad at me for wanting the best for you and getting pissed when you vote against your best interest? I’m caring about you, I’m condescending to you,” said Silverman.

She went on to claim that she can relate to 2nd Amendment defenders because she wants to kill the President. “I understood what it’s like to be a survivalist, because one of my first thoughts was, ‘I need to buy a gun. I need to be able to protect myself when we go to war with the government,’” she says.

“There was that tinge and I went, ‘Oh my God, right! That’s how a lot of people felt during Obama’s administration, where I felt totally safe.’ I’ve never been so aware of the truth of the concept of ‘liberal bubble.’ I’m taking it to heart, and I want to get outside of it,” said Silverman. You can watch the video below. But be warned, it is very vulgar.