Homeland Security Chief Just Slammed Obama And Hillary For Pushing Conspiracy Theories

by Donald 0


Obama and Hillary have been looking at excuse after excuse since this election ended to blame anyone but themselves. The latest fake news that they are peddling is that Russia interfered in the election, and they claim that the FBI and the CIA agree with them. The head of Homeland Security disagrees.

Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Chief had this to say. “I think it’s important to note that on election night we had our guard up for this. We had our crisis action team ready on election night. We did not see anything that amounted to altering ballot counts or degrading the ability to report election results, nothing out of the ordinary,” said Johnson.

“There’s always a certain amount of noise that goes on there but on election night itself, we didn’t see anything that affected the ballot count,” he said.

“We see no evidence that hacking by any actor altered the ballot count or any cyber actions that deprived people of voting. Whether the disclosures that we made that we pointed out in our Oct. 7th statement altered public opinion, that’s beyond my level of expertise,” he said.

Are you sick and tired of the Democrats pushing this Fake News story about Russia? When will they learn to be mature and take defeat? Check out the video below.