‘There Is Hope!’ RINOs On MSNBC Just Gushed About Jeff Flake Donating To Dem Doug Jones

by Chris Reynolds 0


It is hilarious how liberal network MSNBC claims to be unbiased, but then hires “conservatives” as show pundits who are so left-wing that they truly cannot even be considered as real Republicans.

As a recent example of this, MSNBC’s Republicans In Name Only gushed over the fact that outgoing anti-Trump Republican Senator Jeff Flake decided to defy Trump and his party by making a $100 donation to Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones and then bragging about it on social media.

After the show returned from a commercial break and news came out about Flake, so-called conservative host Nicolle Wallace declared that “there is hope.” Wallace then had a conversation with fellow RINO Bret Stephens about how much they don’t like the Republican party and being Republicans.

Said Bret, “You know, I find myself and I think a lot of my friends in the same position, which is, where in a I can’t believe what I’m saying moment, because for so much of my political life, I have just been sort of consistently and instinctively on the side of the Republican Party. That’s when it was a matter of the sort of policies they were espousing and especially a version of the Republican Party that was about free trade, enterprise, openness —”

Said Wallace, “Democracy.” Added Stephens, Democracy, human rights and so on. That party, incredibly, in the space of just a year and a half —” Commented Wallace, “Gone.” Stephens then said nastily about Republican Roy Moore, “Can I say to my children, you ought to be Republicans because of X? And the answer any of them would give me is inarguable: How can I belong to a party that endorses a pedophile? That is, by the way, that’s going to haunt the Republican Party, I suspect, for decades.” Do you think these RINOs need to be honest about not actually being Republicans? Watch below: