Huckabee Just Dropped Funniest Burn Of The Year On ‘Fancy Schmancy’ Pelosi For Her Dumb Comment

by Chris Reynolds 0

huck pelosi

Whenever Democrats try to tell jokes to appeal to regular Americans, they unfailingly fall flat. A recent example of this occurred when Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to reference a popular fast food chain that she has probably never eaten at to try and zing Republicans.

Rep. Pelosi recently attacked the bipartisan group of five politicians, who happen to be men, who are currently working on America’s immigration policy. Said Pelosi about them, “The five white guys I call them, you know.” She then quipped, likening them to Five Guys burgers, “Are they going to open a hamburger stand next or what?”

On the Fox Business Network, host Stuart Varney and guest Mike Huckabee talked about how Democrats would call her quote racist if she was a Republican. Said Stuart, “But not if you’re a Democrat.”

Calling Pelosi out for her “ridiculous” comments, Mike then joked, “Nancy Schmancy is one who is so fancy that she puts caviar on top of her Five Guys burger.” He also said how foolish it is that Pelosi is trying to criticize the immigration group for not having any minorities, since she herself is white. Stated the former governor, “It doesn’t matter what color somebody is. I’m so sick of these identity politics people.”

He added, “What matters is what they’re getting done, and she should be far more interested in getting something accomplished for the American people — including the immigrants — than as to who got it done and what color they were when they did the work.” Do you agree with Huckabee? Watch below: