Idiot Libs Want Us To Stop Terrorists By “Hugging” Them

by Chris Reynolds 0

hug terrorists

The West is under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who seek to eradicate our culture and replace it with their incredibly narrow-minded vision of what they consider to be “moral.” They are carrying out their plan at all costs, with ISIS blowing up world heritage sites and videotaping captives as they are being drowned in cages.

In the face of all this, there are some liberals who still actually believe that the solution to dealing with terrorists is to be nice to them and try to understand them better. In one city in Denmark, government officials now want people to hug them.

Aarhus, the country’s second largest city, launched a program encouraging people to “hug a jihadi.” They claim that these terrorists are just “isolated” and need to be given jobs and forgiven. Danish politician Naser Khader, however, countered that this program says to terrorist, “Go out and do something criminal, be jihadis, you will get a lot of privilege from the society. That’s wrong in my opinion.”

Strangely, some in the police support the “hug a terrorist” program. Said police superintendent Allan Aarslev, “We had a number of options. We could prosecute them all if we can find evidence, however those we couldn’t prosecute, what should we do about them?”

He added that most of these people who fought with ISIS in Syria and then came to Denmark are “very well integrated and most of them are very happy to have had a second chance.” He continued, “If we did not integrate them into the local community again they would be a safety hazard for us.” What do you think of this program? Watch below: