“I’m A Combination Of Mike Wallace, Oprah Winfrey And _____”, Megyn Just Made Dumbest Claim Ever

by Chris Reynolds 0

megyn dumb claim

As many of us correctly predicted, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s new career at NBC has quickly proven to be a failure. She was mocked for her softball interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and now she has drawn the ire of both liberals and Alex Jones himself for her manipulative new interview with commentator Jones.

According to reports, some television executives are already throwing in the towel with “Me-Again” working on a major broadcast network. That, however, apparently has not stopped Kelly from making a bold pronouncement about how she sees herself.

During her promotions for her new NBC program, Kelly has been telling reporters from many different outlets about how she feels she was born for greatness as a major media star. She even described herself to Alex Jones, in audio that was just leaked, by saying, “I’m a combination of Mike Wallace, Oprah Winfrey and Larry the Cable Guy.”

These comments have been widely mocked. Stated one television executive in comments to CNN about Megyn, “They’ve made a fundamental mistake about Megyn which is they think she’s a super star. What she is is a cable star, and that is a very different solar system.”

Many have seen her interview of Jones as proof that she is not major network material. Wrote The New York Times, “NBC has not released a transcript of Ms. Kelly’s interview, leading some to speculate that her interrogation of Mr. Jones over his more contentious views — for instance, that Sandy Hook was a hoax and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were carried out by the United States government — was less than ferocious.” Opined CNN, “Had a trusted broadcast talent like Diane Sawyer or Lester Holt interviewed Jones, audiences may have given them greater benefit of the doubt. Critics of Kelly’s interview might have waited to see a Sawyer or Holt interview air before casting judgment based on a brief promo.” Do you think NBC will fire Megyn?