Jackie Mason Eviscerates “Moron” Stephen Colbert In Epic Rant

by Donald 0

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Comedy legend Jackie Mason just went after Hillary Clinton, George Clooney and Stephen Colbert in an epic rant. He started by discussing Hillary’s new book ‘What Happened.’

“I’ll tell you what happened. She lost. And you know why she lost? Because of what happened. What happened was she didn’t get enough votes, so she lost. Was there a trick to figure it out? Did you hear about how many people she blamed? If you bump into a guy on the street, she probably blamed him… The only person she didn’t blame is my sister-in-law, and I guarantee you, she’ll get to her very soon!” said Mason.

Then he went after George Clooney for his disgusting anti-Trump comments. “A guy like George Clooney, who’s not only vulgar and stupid, and crude and low, and his language is so disgusting that he says these filthy things that you probably read about in the paper last week. Look it up, I can’t repeat what he said, you have to see what he said, to think that anyone is even low enough to say such a thing,” said Mason.

Then he went after Colbert. “As soon as he started to attack Trump, he became a hit, vecause there are morons like him who are so crazy about hating Trump, they’ll watch anything. All of a sudden people who are blind were watching him,” said Mason.

“A Nazi salute. That’s how low he became. There’s nothing too crude and ugly for him to do, as long as he can louse up Trump. You know what he’s gonna do next? He’s gonna drop his pants and moon him. He figures, ‘This might be an even bigger hit!’ So he’s gonna walk around with his pants down for a month and a half to see if that works,” said Mason. Check out the video here.