Jackie Mason Just Hit Mitch McConnell With A Hilarious Burn, Ouch

by Chris Reynolds 0

mason mcconnell

Legendary comedian Jackie Mason emerged as an unlikely voice of reason with his unfailing support of Donald Trump in the face of liberals and establishment Republicans who want to take him down.

In light of the current squabble between President Trump and Republican leadership, Mason targeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for some of his patented hilarious abuse.

Said Mason on Breitbart News, “[Mitch McConnell] is the guy who said on a hundred different shows every day for the past six months since Trump was elected, ‘We’re gonna pass this bill right away, it’s gonna go here, there, we’re gonna have it right away, bing, bing, boom.’ And he had no question, no hesitation, no problem, it’s positively gonna pass. Before you could say ‘Hello,’ the bill will be right there.”

He continued, “You’re a degenerate liar. What right do you have to tell me how ignorant [Trump] is? How ignorant are you? He’s only repeating what he heard from you! You’re the one who said it first! How did you become the chief legislator if you don’t know what you’re talking about?” Jackie added, “You said it’ll be no problem, you’d pass it right away. You know why you said it? Because you can’t be trusted, you’re just like every other politician. If you actually had to have a job, you wouldn’t be making a living, you’d be starving to death.”

He then slammed Congress for “doing nothing” to carry out Trump’s agenda. He commented, “As soon as you become a politician, everything is free. And you have to get 239 days off to get over it. You get a headache from remembering how many things you get for nothing.” Stated Mason about the failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, “Seven years. Can you explain to me how it only took five years to build the Hoover Dam? It took twenty years for the Jews to build the pyramids (that’s because the Jews built the pyramids, if it were gentiles, it would have taken a week and a half). You know God created the whole Earth in seven days, and this was with a day off. And they can’t pass a health bill with 235 days off?” Do you agree with Jackie Mason?