James Woods Has The Perfect Response To Hillary Clinton’s 2020 Presidential Bid

by Donald 0


Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods had a brilliant reaction to the idea that Hillary Clinton might be running for President in 2020. Although Hillary didn’t make an announcement, the New York Post wrote an article describing why it seems like Hillary Clinton is going to run.

First the article described how Hillary has been trying to for protests after each ‘outrage’ committed by President Trump. “On the other hand, the odds are zero that she is playing community organizer just to be a kingmaker. When it comes to money and power, the Clintons assume charity begins at home,” writes the Post.

The author then came up with several reasons Hillary might think she has a chance. “First, because there’s no clear front-runner for the nomination 18 months into Trump’s presidency,” they write. “Second, a crowded, diverse field diminishes the chances of anyone knocking her off.” and “Third, looking ahead to the 2020 primaries, she sees no reason to fear the favorite daughters and sons in key blue states. She would almost certainly beat Sen. Kamala Harris in California, Sen. Cory Booker in New Jersey and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.”

James Woods posted the Post article to his Twitter with the caption “If there is a God…” The joke being that if Hillary ran again, it would be a guaranteed Trump victory. He wasn’t done. He posted a silly picture of Hillary Clinton in bubble wrap with the caption “#HillaryClinton2020. She’s got this wrapped up!” and a whiney picture of Hillary with the caption “This in #2020, please…”

Don Jr. reacted similarly. ““Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN🙏🙏🙏 #maga” he tweeted.