Jeanine Pirro Just Punished Ban-Blocking Hawaii Judge In Way He’ll Never Forget, It’s Personal

by Chris Reynolds 0

Pirro Judge personal

Judge Jeanine Pirro has, of course, extensive legal experience with the court system, which makes her insight so valuable in this troubled time when former President Barack Obama’s cronies in the federal court system have been inflicting so much damage on our current President Donald Trump and his agenda.

Trump’s highest priority to to protect Americans from the very real threat of radical Islamic terrorism, but he’s being blocked from doing so by partisan judges who are attempting to rewrite the Constitution to please Obama. After Hawaiian federal judge Derrick Watson recently blocked Trump’s revised ban, Jeanine Pirro went on the offensive and gave Watson an unforgettable beatdown.

Pirro said that she is enraged at elites like Watson who would rather “burn the Constitution” than let President Trump use “his plenary powers to protect Americans.”

She added, “This is bigger than a travel ban, bigger than a debate question. The left is changing black letter law and journalistic standards and the Constitution in order to satisfy their agenda.” She continued, “Since when do you look outside the four corners of an executive order… and reach back to what a president said on a campaign trail?”

Pirro explained that Watson made use of the First Amendment’s Establishment (of religion) Clause, despite the fact that “eligion is not used as preference or an exception” in the president’s order. She also explained that Watson stopped the order because “it prevents Hawaiians from receiving visits from their relatives from” the six countries. She also revealed that “Hawaii hasn’t taken in one refugee from these countries.” Then she came up with an idea that will hit Judge Watson very personally. Pirro made the recommendation that “all refugees — all 100,000 of them — go directly to Hawaii.” How much do you love Judge Pirro for saying this? Watch below: