Jeb Bush Makes Disgusting Attempt To Turn Trump And Melania Against Each Other

by Donald 0


Jeb Bush spoke at the William Waldo Cameron Forum in Texas to a big crowd about leadership. The question remains, why would anyone turn to Jeb Bush for leadership advice?

“In a leadership role, the best compliment that you can get is, ‘Look, I don’t agree with what you believe, but I know your heart was in the right place. You didn’t have to find agreement, but you had to achieve respect to be able to move the ball forward,” said the man who got completely destroyed by Trump in the primary.

Since then Jeb has done everything he could to try and sabotage his presidency. He spoke out against him, refused to vote for him and more. The talk soon became about Trump. He started on a positive note saying that regardless of any personal feelings he has towards Trump that he has been praying for him and his family during this time of transition.

He also added that Trump has the potential to provide inspiration. But after that he took a darker turn. He said that he is choosing to “discount” some controversial tweets Trump made on twitter. He then suggested that Melania Trump stop Trump from tweeting.

Jeb said he hopes that “Melania will steal his phone or at least have a rule about no tweets after 6 o’clock. He has a great team around him, and that bodes well,” Jeb Bush said. What a backhanded comment. You can read more about this here.