Jeff Flake Accuses President Trump Of Getting Journalist Jailed In Other Countries

by Donald 0


President Trump made an extremely memorable rally in Pennsylvania. He called Maxine Waters ‘low IQ.’ He called NBC’s Chuck Todd a ‘sleeping son of a b*tch.’ However, according to Republican Senator Jeff Flake, Trump has caused such “real damage long term to the political culture,” with his speech that he is responsible for journalists being jailed in other countries.

“I don’t flow where know where to start. He has done this before, referred to the press as the enemy of the people,” said Jeff Flake. He is lying already. President Trump has called fake news propaganda networks the enemy of the people. Not the whole press.

“He stood next to Duterte as Duterte referred to the press as spies and laughed. And it has an effect, words matter. We have a record number of journalists being jailed overseas, some on false news charges, echoing the phrases he uses. I don’t think it’s a responsible thing to do. I really don’t,” said Flake.

“I think that the risk is that this becomes normalized. We take as normal what is abnormal. We should never normalize this kind of behavior, particularly from the president of the United States. So I think it does real damage long term to the political culture. It really does,” he said.

Check out the video below.