Jeff Flake Says Trump’s Policy Is Really Helpful But His Attitude Is “A Big Problem” For GOP

by Donald 0

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Republican senator Jeff Flake, has always been a notorious Trump-hater. In a recent in with NBC’s Meet the Press, Flake argued that although Trump is making very good policies that are helping people and this country, Trump’s attitude is a huge problem.

“We’re going to have something in the Senate that we haven’t had in a while. It’s a real debate on an issue where we really don’t know what the outcome is going to be. We haven’t done that for a while. But there will be proposals put forward. The president put together a framework that I think is constructive. There are bipartisan groups working, several of them in the Senate, to come to a solution. I think that we can,” said Flake.

However, then things turned to Trump’s supposedly bad treatment towards the women accusing him of sexual harassment. Even though a scandal broke earlier this year that showed that Lisa Bloom was paying women hundreds of thousands of dollars to come forward against Trump.

“Do you worry that this is a pattern here, that it seems as if, particularly with the president, that, number one, accusations are not believed, it’s sort of a knee jerk response, and you could decide whether it’s projection or some other reason, but it seems as if women are never believed when it comes to an accusation to the president or somebody to the president,” asked NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“I do in if you put on a political hat that that is a big problem. Certainly how we are viewed as Republicans in the next election, I think that that is a big problem. And certainly, substantively, it’s a big problem not to show any concern or empathy for the potential victims of these incidents. That is a problem. and that’s something I think the president ought to correct,” Flake responded.