Jesse Watters Goes Full Force Against “Kneelers” Disrespecting The Brave Cops In Las Vegas

by Donald 0

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Jesse Watters went full force against the people who are still disrespecting our country, even after police showed incredible bravery during the Las Vegas shooting. “I think the American spirit always rises to the challenge when you have a tragedy like this.However much blood is spilled, two times as much blood is donated,” started Watters.

“However many people died, four times as many people are being saved in a hospital by doctors. Right now, friends helped friends to safety, people helped strangers to safety, and law enforcement was running towards the bullets,” he continued.

“So all those kneelers in the NFL out there, they need to recognize when they’re kneeling during the anthem, they’re kneeling, and we’re supposed to be honoring law enforcement, law enforcement that’s trying to save lives, not take lives. So I hope next Sunday when the anthem is played, people do kneel out of respect to law enforcement,” said Watters.

“Right now a lot of stuff looks really small when people are making politics over San Juan, there was a congressman that was trying to impeach the President today, SNL called the President I think a cheap cracker,” he said.

“That has to stop. And people have to choose the side of good over evil, ’cause I think evil’s always going to lose to good,” said Watters. Do you think he’s right? Check out the video below.