Joe Buck Slams Liberal Morons For Injecting Politics Into Sports, Then He Goes After Kaepernick

by Donald 1


In an interview with Sporting News, Fox’s Joe Buck said what we were all thinking. Game announcers need to stick to sports! Not politics! “Should game announcers stick to sports? How did you deal with Colin Kaepernick’s protest on the air last season? And how would you deal with a similar political protest by a player this season?” asked Sporting News.

“It seems self-serving. Like they want to inject themselves into the conversation. Wait for a talk show. Go on Bill Maher’s show. Bill O’Reilly. Whoever. I think people watch these games to get away from that stuff. I think you risk alienating and upsetting a lot of people when you start going down that rabbit hole,” explained Joe Buck.

“Unless I’m completely wrong, and I know in this case I’m not, nobody’s tuning into the 49ers-Cowboys game to hear my political opinions, whether it’s about Trump, or Kaepernick or Flint, Michigan. That’s not why they’re watching a football game. It’s misplaced,” said Buck.

He went on to explain how his network was forced to change in order to cover Kaepernick. “I said this to a writer at The New York Times with regard to the Kaepernick situation: We don’t cover (the national anthem) during the regular season because of the timing before a kick. And never have. For the big events we do, obviously. With him kneeling, it was a story,” he explained.

“I think our bosses wisely didn’t want to appear that we were just ignoring it. Because it was something that people were talking about. Certainly after the game and certainly during the game on social media. You have to address it. So we recorded him kneeling,” he said. Check out the full interview here.