Joy Behar Demands That Mitch McConnell Be Sent To Prison For The Most Moronic Reason Ever

by Donald 0


‘View’ host Joy Behar said in a recent segment that Mitch McConnell needs to be thrown in prison. Although she can admit McConnell didn’t do anything illegal, Behar thinks it’s time for Democrats to play ‘hard ball’ and stop being ‘snowflakes.’

The conversation started with lawyer Alan Dershowitz over President Trump’s SCOTUS pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “He wouldn’t have been my choice. I’m a liberal Democrat. They stole the first member of the Supreme Court. Absolute theft. Unconstitutional,” claimed Dershowitz in response to Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland who was never sworn in.

“I’m a little critical of President Obama, for whom I voted. He should have nominated Merrick Garland and should have sworn him in. The Constitution says advise and consent. It doesn’t say delay and postpone,” said Dershowitz.

“Well then how come Mitch McConnell is not in jail? That’s what I want to know,” interrupted Behar out of no where. “You want to put everybody in jail,” Dershowitz responded. “I want to put him in jail,” said Behar.

“I’m against putting people in jail unless they’ve actually committed crimes. I know that’s a radical position,” responded Dershowitz. Behar complained that Democrats need to get tough. “Why should we always be the snowflakes?” she asked.