Judge Jeanine Just Said Why It’s ‘Dangerous’ To Be A Trump Supporter Right Now

by Chris Reynolds 0

jeanine dangerous

It is sad how little help Republican President Donald Trump has been getting from members of his own political party, as well as from some so-called conservatives in the media. It is frankly bizarre the way that this group of Republicans has been blocking Trump from carrying out his conservative agenda for America.

Worse yet, of course, is the treatment that President Trump has gotten from liberals. Disturbingly, this same treatment from the left has also spread to attacks on Trump’s many supporters among regular Americans.

In a recent opening statement to her Fox News show, former district judge Jeanine Pirro discussed why these are now very dangerous times to be a Trump backer. Described Pirro, using Antifa violence in California and the shootings of Republican congressmen as examples, “It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Jeanine went on, “With conviction and an air of condescension, the left so hates Donald Trump and those who support him that they sanction the use of violence against them. They are attempting to recast our legal system without authority to do so, without legislative sanction and without judicial intervention. To them, the use of physical and justified if they disagree with your politics.”

She added, “The very ones who call you call you fascist, and label themselves ‘anti-fascist,’ or ‘Antifa,’ are changing the rules, propagating a legal theory that is not only outrageously incorrect and affront to democracy, it’s an outright attempt at anarchy.” Do you agree with Jeanine? Watch below: