Judge Jeanine Pirro Asks Kellyanne For Truth Behind Trump’s Tweets, Her Answer Is Stunning

by Donald 0

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Judge Jeanine Pirro confronted Kellyanne Conway over President Trump’s latest tweets. In the last couple of days Trump tweeted a controversial post about Mika Brzezinski’s bloody facelift. He also tweeted a fake humorous video of him body-slamming CNN. Kellyanne responded in an awesome way.

“The president at this point has, I think, made it clear what his strengths are and he needs to stay focused on speeches like this, and not get crazy on Twitter,” said Pirro. “I love that he connects directly with people on social media and otherwise, Jeanine,” started Kellyanne.

“We just appreciate that you’re covering the substance because all the things he talked about tonight, he did mention the press. But most importantly he mentioned all of the promises he’s keeping on the Supreme Court, on judicial restraint, on veterans. You’re one of the few shows, few networks, that even bothers to connect veterans with the information they need and deserve,” said Kellyanne.

They also discussed President Trump’s recent speech at the Freedom Rally. “And we know that families and churches, not government officials know best how to create a strong and loving community. And above all else we know this — in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God,” said President Trump in his speech.

“Our religious liberty is enshrined in the very First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The American founders invoked our creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin reminded his colleagues at the Constitutional Convention to begin by bowing their heads in prayer,” he said. Check out the interview below.