Judge Nap Exposes The FBI’s Shocking Bias In The Paul Manafort Case, It Should Be Illegal

by Donald 0

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Fox News Analyst Judge Napolitano commented on the FBI’s blatant bias against Paul Manafort because he works with President Trump. He compared the case the FBI is making against Manafort to how they treated Hillary Clinton’s case. “This is so much more aggressive than the investigation of Mrs. Clinton,” said Napolitano.

“The investigation of Mrs. Clinton didn’t even use a grand Jury. They had to use this extraordinary tool of a pre-dawn raid, the most forceful thing the FBI can do to you, short of an arrest in the middle of the night. Which they can only use when all other means of acquiring information have failed,” continued Napolitano.

“Probable cause means that FBI agents went to a federal judge in secret and persuaded her that it was more likely than not that in Mr. Manafort’s house they would find evidence of a crime. They may very well have been looking for something totally independent of Manafort’s relationship to the president. It could have been personal, it could have been his taxes. Was he being paid money by a foreign power at a time that he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent?” asked Napolitano.

“The more people they can bring in and hold the sword over them … that’s the way they put together the puzzle of a case against whoever their true target is. Whether it’s President Trump or somebody else. A federal judge would not authorize this extraordinary tool without something there,” he said.

Whatever Manafort allegedly did, do you think it was worse than Hillary Clinton’s crimes? Check out the video below.