He Just “Wants To Be A Co-Host On ‘The View’” Meghan McCain Hits Comey With Series Of Epic Zingers

by Donald 0


In a recent segment on ‘The View’, Meghan McCain destroyed Comey with a series of zingers over his new book “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies And Leadership.”

“I have many problems with James Comey, but one of the things — on one side he wants to be this standup, “I’m the head of the FBI, and apolitical, and I’m here for the FBI and national security, and on the other hand, he is talking about the size of Trump’s hands,” explained McCain.

“He is talking about all these salacious things and tweeting these highly political tweets about President Trump. So, once again, I don’t know where you stand or who you are. Nate Silver tweeted, “Comey’s decision to release the letter on October 28th was influenced by his interpretation of the polls, that really ought to cut against his image as an honorable, principled decision-maker. Instead, he was just trying to be expedient and save his hide,” explained McCain.

“He hasn’t done himself any favors. Again, he has made himself this highly political animal, and I will say there are great people who work for the Justice Department like you who are just doing it because they want to be public servants. I think James Comey wants his own late night show…. I think he wants to be a co-host on The View,” she said.

“In the book, one of the things that came out is him saying that he was crying to President Obama after he had come out about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails ten days before the election. So, like, again, are you political? … You’re supposed to be completely separate, apolitical!” said McCain.