Kasich Makes An Extremely Low Blow Attack Against President Trump After Tillerson Firing

by Donald 0

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We are used to the mainstream media attacking President Trump all day and night. It seems so much worse when a ‘Republican’ who should be on Trump’s side does it. After President Trump fired Rex Tillerson, Kasich used the opportunity to insult President Trump and his administration calling it a “soap opera.”

“I don’t know why they couldn’t have gotten along, really, better,” said Kasich during an interview with MSNBC. Instead of trying to find the answer, he decided to insult Trump.

“I mean, I think Tillerson’s a smart guy, sophisticated. But it didn’t fit. The concern I have is and I’m sure Bob would feel the same way, if you have too much staff change, it’s hard to function. And it’s different, you know, as a senator it’s one thing. Congressman, senator, I mean, you could have all these changes,” said Kasich.

“When you have an executive position, like you’re governor, and you have all these people quitting all the time, early on in your administration, it’s hard to get anything done, get traction, have a cohesive anything,” said Kasich.

“And so that’s kind of the problem I see here with everything, all the chaos and everything that we’re observing, Stephanie. It’s certainly unique. I mean, it’s like–in some ways, it’s like a soap opera. The only thing is–you turn back on two weeks from now if you don’t watch, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s really amazing,” he said. Do you think MSNBC is a good fit for John Kasich?