Katie Couric Just Admitted Something About Megyn Kelly On Live TV, Holy Sh*t

by Chris Reynolds 0

Couric Megyn

It is very strange and suspicious that Megyn Kelly created a huge scene by abruptly departing Fox News for a bigger payday at liberal NBC News, and yet still has not appeared on that network.

You would think that NBC News would want to strike while the iron is hot and boost its sagging news ratings by getting Megyn on air as quickly as possible before American television audiences forget all about her. When Katie Couric was asked about Megyn Kelly, she revealed something that is very telling about what is really going on behind the scenes with Megyn.

Katie made an appearance on the show Watch What Happens Live, and a caller asked her very directly, “What do you think of the shake-up at the Today show with Tamron Hall leaving and the addition of Megyn Kelly?” In that instant, Couric went ashen and she responded tersely, “I think it will all work out, and I think the show is great. I wish Tamron well, but I’m just not getting involved in the drama of it all.”

Couric continued, “I haven’t talked to Tamron, I don’t know Tamron very well. I do know Megyn a bit. Unfortunately, I think people sometimes turn morning shows into soap operas because they feel so intimately connected to the people on the show. [The show’s viewers] feel like they’re members of their family. They get very territorial and proprietary about it, and they read things into relationships.”

At the same time as Megyn Kelly joined in NBC, Tamron Hall quit the Today show. She was reportedly insulted that NBC decided to squeeze her out by replacing her with Megyn Kelly. Katie’s comments confirm what many suspected about hosts at NBC being unhappy about Megyn Kelly’s huge ego arriving at the network. Stated an insider, “Tamron doesn’t know Megyn, but of course it’s insulting. Her show was beating Kelly Ripa. And ‘Nightly News’ would rate well when she would fill in for Lester Holt. Tamron never wanted this fight, but she was ready for it.” Do you think “Me Again” Kelly will fail at NBC? Watch below: