Kellyanne Conway Completely Crushed Seth Meyers For Claiming That Russia Can Blackmail Trump

by Donald 0

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The Late Night talk show host Seth Myers went way over his head when he tried to challenge Kellyanne Conway over Russia having ‘compromising information’ about Trump. Seth Meyers asked if Kellyanne coul “confirm or comment on the fact that the intelligence community has presented” the classified report to Donald Trump.

““Well guess what hasn’t happened, Seth. Nobody has sourced it. They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story and it says it was based on a Russian investigator to begin with,” responded Kellyanne.

“It also says that Hillary Clinton and groups that wanted Hillary Clinton to win may have been behind the investigations themselves. And, most importantly, it says that the FBI is trying to confirm it. So nothing’s been confirmed. And I have to say as an American citizen, regardless of your party or if you don’t like politics at all, which are many Americans, we should be concerned that intelligence officials leak to the press and won’t go and tell the president-elect or the president of the United States himself now, Mr. Obama, what the information is. They would rather go tell the press,” said Kellyanne.

The argument continued with Seth Meyers trying to put words in Trump’s mouth and Kellyanne correcting him. “But shouldn’t we care if the Russians tried to interfere? Whether it informed the election or not. I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount they tried,” said Meyers.

“That is completely false. He has enormous curiosity. I’m there every day with him. He has a number of different meetings every day — briefings and otherwise. He was curious enough to figure out America. He knew America when many other Republicans did not,” said Kellyanne. Check out the video below.