Kellyanne Conway Makes A Huge Life-Changing Decision, It’s Amazing

by Donald 0


Kellyanne Conway was a really amazing campaign manager for Trump. She is smart and very loyal. However, it appeared that she would not accept a job in Trump’s administration. But that might be changing. Kellyanne Conway recently announced to TMZ that she is moving to Washington D.C. with her family.

“I am moving to Washington, house hunting there as we speak, and school hunting. We’ll see if Trump people are welcome in all the private schools down in Washington, D.C,” started Kellyanne.

“When you are a pollster and you have 75 percent agreement on anything you are pretty excited but when you are a mother you need 100 percent agreement, and one of my children is a hold out. So I am going to bring her down there and let her see how great it would be to live in Washington D.C,” she explained.

TMZ then asked Kellyanne is celebrities will be welcome in Trump’s White House. “Sure why not if they’d like to visit, and they have something to add to the conversation. They are certainly welcome. I mean look what happens though if you have celebrities for having celebrity sake.”

“That’s what Hillary Clinton did late in the game and it backfired on her. By the way I don’t remember Beyonce or Jay Z giving a shout out against Russian hacking or Jim Comey or Bernie Sanders fault. Everybody figured she was going to win, nobody said otherwise, those who are trying to reverse the election results. All the election deniers,” said Kellyanne. Check out the video below.